T h e R i s e r v a


A g r i c u l t u r a l a r e a s , h e a t h s a n d a n u n t o u c h e d f o r e s t .

Protecting biodiversity and safeguarding traditional crops are the pillars on which the Sant’Agostino Reserve lives.

A part of natural territory in which the continuity between different habitats favors the genetic exchange between plant species and the migration of fauna, and therefore the conservation of biodiversity.


N a t u r e


The Mediterranean maquis extends over 500 hectares: oaks, eucalyptus and cypresses grow close to the sea on land furrowed by ditches, sand dunes and marshes.

This structural diversity of the topsoil performs biological functions essential for keeping the environment of the Riserva unaltered.


B i o d i v e r s i t y

Local biodiversity is also protected thanks to good organic farming practices.
The environmental heterogeneity, unique in its kind, does not depend on human intervention: the hare, the fox, the stone marten, the fallow deer and the roe deer are at home here!

In the more humid areas we can easily meet colonies of nesting herons; the green woodpecker, owls, wading birds and aquatic birds such as carp, sea bass and mullet live in the Fiora River in peace.

For generations, we have been dedicated to wildlife conservation, offering unique experiences in this untouched corner of Italy.

Grandpa Giacinto made us fall in love with the land, with his progressive approach and sense of deep respect.

Subsequent generations have continued to build on the foundations he laid, cultivating conservation and a culture of sustainable land use as part of our daily lives.

OUR HISTORY • 1827 / 2022

P a s t a n d P r e s e n t


T h e f u t u r e o f t h e R i s e r v a

Giunti alla quinta generazione, ora è Giacinto Guglielmi a prendere in mano saldamente le redini della Riserva. Tenacia, perseveranza e ambizione di incrementare le tecnologie all’avanguardia per apportare costanti migliorie e benefici all’ambiente e ai prodotti, sono il vero cuore pulsante di ogni nostra attività.

Having reached the fifth generation, it is now Giacinto Guglielmi who firmly takes over the reins of the Riserva.

Tenacity, perseverance and ambition to increase cutting-edge technologies to bring constant improvements and benefits to the environment and products, are the true beating heart of all our activities.